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Our Services

The role of the modern orthotist or prosthetist has greatly expanded from the “Braceman” or “Legman”. Today the orthotist has more extensive training in the management of various disabilities and medical conditions, in addition to advanced fabrication techniques of sophisticated braces and artificial limbs.

It is common for the orthotist or prosthetist to consult with the physician as to the best device for the patient, considering the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, length of need of the device and other specific needs.


The following are common conditions we treat:

Orthopedic Problems
Neurologic Disorders
Spinal Cord Injuires
Strokes (CVA)
Low Back Pain
Diabetic Foot Problems
Upper & Lower Extremity Amputations
Conditions that respond to Functional Electrical Stimulation such as using the “Walk-Aide”

Fabrication Lab


The orthotist and prosthetist can be a valuable resource to any healthcare team member who sees a need to support an individual’s trunk or extremity or increase function of an affected body part. Extensive experience in biomechanics and pathomechanics are all in a days work, allowing the orthotist or prosthetist to design a custom assistive device.

MOPC’s in-house 2500 square foot fabrication lab allows us to fabricate most of our custom-made devices on-site, allowing us to pay attention to the patient’s special needs. We strive to maintain high standards in craftmanship and service.

A large part of our definition of service is coordination with other members of the healthcare team. We feel it is very important to helping the patient’s specific needs and good outcomes.

To better understand the nature of our service we invite you to visit M.O.P.C.. It is our sincere hope to gain your confidence and trust. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to ask.